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Alternate History and Science Fiction writer

I’m fascinated by the classic science fiction/fantasy writers. Folks like Asimov, Heinlein, CS Lewis and Tolkien inspired me. They could give the reader a rip-roaring adventure that has an underlying philosophical bent. I want to give the reader something to think about (if they so choose) after they put my books down.




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Science Fiction Novel


On a dark, snowy road in western New York, Dante Carloman and Tina Phokas lives take a turn no one could anticipate. The world around them erupts into a hellish landscape from an attack by alien creatures. With only his wits as a weapon, Dante learns the purpose of their abduction and find a chink in the aliens’ all-encompassing control. But to use that tenuous chance, he must summon the courage to reenter the aliens’ compound. The results will either save them or doom the Earth to annihilation.

AI – Humans – Clones working together in a bizarre melding of needs and expectations results in a gripping adventure laced with humor. It is a fast-paced novel that redefines what we think of as life

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Fantasy/Alternate History Novel on the Roman EmpireWebsite cover


   It is the tumultuous years of the mid-four hundreds and life is cheap. The dying Roman Empire is trying to deal with wave after wave of barbarian hordes swarming across its borders. It is the story of one man who defiantly clings to the ideals of ancient Rome and to a woman he has no right to love. Together they change the course of history.

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