About John


John Caligiuri   

John Caligiuri has a lifelong passion for literature and pens primarily Science Fiction and Fantasy. He has been able to blend his fascination with history and his professional background in software engineering to come up with some unusual story twists. His stories emerged from his curiosity about historical watershed events and asking, “what if”.

John enjoys traveling and has visited most of the continents (not a lot of interest in Antarctica).  He has walked the roads and visited many of the sites referenced in his novels (at least those on Earth).

John Caligiuri lives in Rochester, New York with his wife Linda. She’s been married to him for over forty years and has supported his writing from the beginning. They have three grown children scattered around the country along with their first grandchild. For relaxation John enjoys gardening (which stretches his intellect attempting to outwit the rabbits and deer) and distance running.

Exercise has morphed into John’s writing therapy. After he creates a general theme for a chapter, he works out the plot while running. Those jogs can get very crowded with all of his novel’s characters running, hopping, flying and crawling along with him, often forcing him to rewrite chapters finished weeks earlier because they didn’t like their part. At the end of the day, John sits back and enjoys one of his other interests, dry red wine.

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