Novels & Other Writings by John Caligiuri



book cover COCYTUS: PLANET OF THE DAMNED       (released February 2016)

Available at smashwords and AMAZON.COM, in paperback and ebook.

Website cover THE RED FIST OF ROME  (released July, 2014)

Available on, Kindle and Nook.

   It is the tumultuous years of the mid-four hundreds and life is cheap. The dying Roman Empire is trying to deal with wave after wave of barbarian hordes swarming across its borders. It is the story of one man who defiantly clings to the ideals of ancient Rome and to a woman he has no right to love. Together they change the course of history.

handfulofhalloween HANDFUL OF HALLOWEEN

ANTHOLOGY – Available on

BIRTH OF A MONSTER is John’s contribution to the the Halloween Anthology.


ANTHOLOGY – Available on

A BYZANTINE DREAM is John’s contribution to this anthology of Halloween stories.